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Pull Tarps
  • Manually Operated
  • Suitable for smaller trucks
  • Will cover any type of load
All our tarp systems feature the following:


A major advantage of the Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems is safety, as the system is operated from ground level. There is no need to climb on top to fasten loads. Best practice occupational health standards are ensured thus minimising losses through workers compensation.


Time is money and Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems will save you both by cutting down dramatically on your turn around travel. You don’t have to waste time anymore securing loads. With Cramaro you can be uncovered in a matter of seconds. Be even quicker by choosing our electric option. Simply press a button in your cabin as you arrive or depart a destination and the system operates while you’re driving. Now that is speed!


The Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems is very durable with only high quality materials being used. The arches are made of galvanised, rust, resistant steel fabricated in our workshop. The mesh is industry proven reinforced heavy duty polyester for sand soil gravel and coal loads while vinyl is used for waterproof systems required for carrying sensitive loads like limestone or copper sulphate.


Be it a truck or trailer large or small Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems will custom make a system to suit your exact requirements. Every system is tailor made in our workshop to suit individual needs. This also means our backup service is second to none with spare parts being readily available.


There are no spillages with Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems, no accidental fall offs or blow a-ways. Your load is fully covered. A definite plus to meet environmental and safety requirements.

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